Please make sure to read the User Guide when you use JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation to search for tickets or to make a reservation.

Route search

Route search results

Train search on this system follows a specific logic.Therefore there are some cases where a certain train you wish to take will not be displayed. Some rapid service trains stop at every station in some sections.Please understand these points and use the service as a general guide.

Transfer time

Transfer time is set with a little time to spare.Therefore, there may be cases where search results do not show trains you can actually take.

Transfer involving a duplicated route

When you must take a duplicated route to take a connecting train, please be aware that there is a possibility that you cannot take the train due to insufficient transfer time or delay in the arrival of your train. (Ex. NISHI-OITA→OITA→HAKATA)

Routes that cannot be searched through this service

Routes including connecting trains from other operators such as Hisatsu-Orange-Tetsudo Line cannot be displayed.With regard to Fukuoka City Subway, search can be made only for through trains, operating on the Fukuoka Airport Line and the JR Chikuhi Line. No search can be made for services on the Hakata-Minami Line or the Hokuriku-Shinkansen Line.

Revision of timetables, etc.

When our timetable is being revised or we offer extra trains during peak travel seasons in mid-August, and before and after New Year's Day, search may not show the extra trains or be available. Please be sure to search again and confirm your schedule before departure.

Signs at stations

Each prefecture is shown in (parenthesis) after a station's name displayed in "Station confirmed".

Searchable classes of seats

Some seat classes (including berth, DX Green Car seats, Green Car compartment, Box Seat and Panorama Seat) cannot be reserved online.Please inquire at main stations about the fares of tickets with these seat classes.

About fares you see on the screen

When any adjustments are required for fare/price calculation, fares can be different even if you travel the same distance.

About search/reservation for Limited Express trains that become a Local train in a certain section

In the following sections, you can take a Limited Express without express ticket. (The train is operated as a local train in the sections.)When you take a non-reserved seat of a Limited Express train whose route includes such a section, you cannot search for the fare/price or make a reservation online.

  • Limited Express train between MIYAZAKI and MINAMI-MIYAZAKI/MIYAZAKI AIRPORT
  • Limited Express "Kamome" from HAKATA to YOSHIZUKA
  • Limited Express "Isaburo/Shinpei" between HITOYOSHI and Yoshimatsu
  • Limited Express train between HAIKI and SASEBO


When there is heavy access to the web-site, search results may be delayed or not displayed. In such a case, please try again after a while.



You can make a reservation for up to 7 Passengers including adults and children at a time.

Trains you can reserve online

You can make a reservation for up to 4 connecting trains at a time, including Shinkansen and Limited Express trains.
When you transfer from/to Shinkansen without exiting a ticket gate, you can make a reservation for up to 3 connecting trains.

Discount tickets usable only for a specified section

Some tickets such as "KYUSHU NET KIPPU", "KYUSHU NET HAYATOKU 3" can be used only for a specified section.Please keep this in mind when making a search.

Seat restrictions

With regard to some tickets such as "KYUSHU NET KIPPU", "KYUSHU NET HAYATOKU 3" the number of available seats is limited. Therefore, even when there are available reserved seats on a train, you may not reserve a seat with one of these tickets.

Ticket pick-up

What is required for ticket pick-up

Following items are necessary to pick up your ticket.When you forget to take one of them and cannot pick up your ticket, you must purchase a new ticket to take the train on which you have a seat reservation.Please keep this in mind.

  • The credit card you used for the payment and Reservation No. You also need Identification No.

Where to pick up your ticket

You can pick up your ticket at main JR-KYUSHU stations.You cannot pick up your ticket at JR-KYUSHU stations without a Ticket Office or at a JR-CENTRAL or JR-EAST ticket counter. Please confirm where you can pick up your ticket before departure.

  • You cannot pick up your ticket from an automated ticketing machine located inside of ticket gates at JR-KYUSHU's KOKURA Station, HAKATA Station, KURUME Station and KUMAMOTO Station.Please be sure to pick up your ticket before departure.
  • JR-KYUSHU and JR-WEST have ticket counters and automated ticketing machines at HAKATA Station and KOKURA Station. Please note that some types of tickets can be picked up only at JR-KYUSHU ticket counter and others at JR-WEST ticket counter.

Opening hours for ticket pick-up

You can pick up your ticket during the business hours of an appropriate JR-KYUSHU station, from 4:30 to23:30 (from 4:30 to 23:20 from an automated ticketing machine). Please keep the hours in mind, in particular, if you have reserved a ticket for a late-night train.

If you take a train without picking up your ticket

You must pay a Regular ticket fare/price on your train or at your arrival station. Please be sure to pick up your ticket before departure.

Reservation Change/Refund

Recommended operating environment

When you use a personal computer or a smart phone

Types of your device OS Browser
Personal computer Windows7~10 Internet Explorer 9~11
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Mac OS X10.9 Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Smart phone iOS 7~12.0
Android 6.0
Standard Browser

When you use other device

Except for smart phones, the compatibility of portable devices, such as media players, or game consoles with internet communication function with this web site is not confirmed.

Important notes

  • Compatibility of personal computers and smart phones is confirmed, but this does not necessarily guarantee that this web site works seamlessly on your device. Even when you use an OS or a browser whose compatibility is confirmed, there are cases where you cannot use part of this web site depending on the operating environment of your device (a combination of the browser and OS, the settings of network security software, etc.), or model specific characteristics. If you cannot use the service, try using another browser for access or update your Operating System. (Please inquire how to upgrade your OS at the OS company.)
  • JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation uses Security Sockets Layer (SSL), a cryptographic technology, for security. For SSL communication, the "root certificate auto-renewal function" must be "valid". If the function is "invalid", an error message: "The server certificate is invalid" may appear on the screen. Please use this service after validating the "root certificate auto-renewal function".To confirm or change the status of the "root certificate auto-renewal functions", please inquire at the maker or the OS company of the device you use.


JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation uses Security Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure secure data exchanges with users. Your personal data including credit card information is automatically encrypted before it is sent to us, eliminating concerns about the data being read by any third party.



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